Historic monumental building protected for the purposes of Legislative Decree 42/2004.

In 1463 the Duke of Milan Francesco I Sforza, built a Dominican convent and a church in the place where there was a small chapel dedicated to Santa Maria delle Grazie. The architect was Guiniforte Solari. The convent was completed in 1469 while for the church it was necessary to wait until 1482. Other changes were carried out when, having come to power, Ludovico il Moro decided to change the large cloister and the apse of the church. Construction was finished around 1490. Il Moro had also decided to make the Grazie the burial place of the Sforza and in 1497 his wife Beatrice d’Este was buried there. According to an ancient Milanese tradition Ludovico il Moro also built a tunnel connecting the castle, then called Sforzesco to the convent.



Intervention commissioned and financed directly by the Order of Dominican Friars Preachers in Milan..

The images speak for themselves, a total renovation of the Basilica thanks to the intervention carried out by Elettrosystem, “NEW LIGHT ON THE GRACES” so the newspapers wrote at the end of the work.

And it is the pure truth, entering the church you are totally involved in the beauty of the forms, decorations and works of art, which thanks to the creation of Elettrosystem, today are surrounded by NEW LIGHT.