Built over the ruins of the Church of St. Nicholas (XIII Century D.C.) the Cathedral of the Principality of Monaco was built in 1875 with the suggestive white stone of Turbie.

Enriched inside by precious ornaments such as an altar in Carrara marble and an altarpiece made in the sixth century by the painter Louis Bréa, the Cathedral represents the point of union between the temporal power of the ruling family and the spiritual power of the divine.



In the Cathedral an exclusive system of motorized projectors has been installed, all controlled by BUS system; it consists in making the lighting fixtures “invisible” if not used, while at the time of ignition they are brought outside the perimeter frame where they are positioned.

Being a very visited environment, it is important to make the lighting fixtures that have nothing to do with the architectural apparatuses not visible.

The lighting system has been completely built with the latest generation of LED technology.