Elettrosystem Srl is a company that for over 35 years has been dealing exclusively with the creation of artistic lighting systems in monumental buildings valuable for art and history. Thanks to the passion and ability to innovate, Elettrosystem offers the best of existing technology for electrical and electronic systems at the service of places of worship but not only.


Elettrosystem operates throughout the national territory and has cutting-edge equipment that allows our technicians to operate in any environment, even where intervention is more difficult.


In these years Elettrosystem has acquired an important experience in the lighting field, which has allowed to carry out interventions in historic buildings aimed at the total renovation of the plant and the realization of new lighting projects. Elettrosystem has succeeded in obtaining extraordinary results, creating systems designed according to the structural characteristics of the building and programmed for each individual need, ensuring optimal lighting solutions and renewing the places affected by the intervention with new light.


In total respect and respect for the structures and architectures on which it operates, Elettrosystem intervenes by exploiting the properties of high performance and latest generation materials that allow integration with the structure interested in hosting the new plant.


In addition, each of our creations is conceived and designed to reduce user management costs, aiming at the use of low-consumption light sources that provide a very high quality and quantity of light. Our interventions go to meet every single need, putting every plant component at the service of the monument and the user, from the programmed management through lighting scenarios to the accurate pointing of the light beams.


Elettrosystem creates totally renovated spaces through light, reinforcing the liturgical message in every celebratory moment, be it ordinary or extraordinary, and expertly and skilfully enhancing the decorative and artistic systems present inside the building.

Light for Art, Light for Liturgy, a combination that Elettrosystem has been able to interpret with passion and dedication.


Buischio Maurizio