Frassenè – Summer 2019, Le Campane del Pòi:

“Back to shine the church of St. Nicolò”

The electrical system of the church was in a degraded and dangerous state, the types of conductors and switches were very obsolete, no longer compliant with current legislation and no longer suitable to ensure the safety of the property. Elettrosystem intervened by completely replacing the power lines in the church, in the adjacent rooms and in the attic and updating the control equipment in all environments.

A new general switchboard and a new switchboard under ENEL supply has been installed. The lighting was totally updated with decorative LED lamps at the base and on top of the vaults (replacing the old halogen and fluorescent lamps) and was strengthened in the nave, in the side chapels and in the presbytery with the addition of LED floodlights to ensure an optimal level of illumination of the decking and an accent light on the liturgical fires and in the altars, without forgetting the achievement of a substantial decrease in necessary maintenance and electricity consumption. The number of available ignitions has been increased, which allow to modulate the lighting according to the various celebratory needs and opening of the church.

The system is now protected against leakage, thanks to the new earthing and differential protection devices. Other changes and implementations have been made, all to ensure proper management and to give the system a guarantee of operation over time.

We would like to thank Fr Fabiano sincerely for his trust, patience and availability towards us, in the hope of having left a good and lasting mark in the enhancement of your beautiful church.