Fontaniva – La Voce dei Berici, domenica 20 marzo 2016:

“The restored church promoted to Duomo”

Our company Elettrosystem SRL has been commissioned by the Parish of Fontaniva, to provide the complete overhaul and renovation of the electrical and lighting system of the Church of Santa Maria and Beato Bertrando.

The damage caused by fire and high temperatures to electrical systems and electronic equipment has been considerable.

For much of the church the power lines had literally disappeared or melted down because of the heat; the projectors themselves were sunk.

In the preliminary phase was considered the idea of renewing the electrical and lighting system and bring it up to date with the times.

A new domotic and centralized system management system has been studied, with preset scenarios and free light switching, in order to obtain different lighting solutions and adapt the light to the different celebratory phases, from meditation to the Solemn Mass.

At the same time, all the power lines were installed new and the lighting was realized with new LED projectors; more powerful for the general lighting of the assembly area and the Presbytery, with smaller dimensions and reduced powers for accent lighting of liturgical and artistic relevance.

We just have to sincerely thank the pastor Don Giovanni Damini and all the professionals involved for choosing our company. Thanks also to the volunteers and the companies that with discretion, attention and availability have collaborated so that the rebirth of the parish church succeeded in the ways and times desired.